How to decide on the right door for your home

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You’ve decided to get a new exterior door for your home…the only problem is that there are so many styles out there, choosing the right one for you is no mean feat. Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping front door, a back door that deters would-be break-ins or you want an exterior door that’s going to give you technology without compromising on style – Rockdoor is a brand you can trust to deliver.

Here at Network Doors, we know that when it comes to choosing a door that offers style, security and functionality, you’re in good hands with Rockdoor. They offer front doors, back doors, French doors and even stable doors which allow the top to open to let air circulate whilst keeping small children and pets safely inside your house.

There are lots of different styles to choose from, and colours to suit all house types. If you want a pop of colour, why not go for ‘Red’ or Green’, or try ‘Golden Oak’ or ‘Rosewood’ for a wooden effect? Of course, classic ‘White’ can never go wrong, whilst the more contemporary ‘Grey’ and ‘Slate Grey’ options are also very popular choices. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the style of door – choose from over 20 styles and pick a door that suits your needs. Whether you want to let in lots of light, favour your privacy or want a door that can do a bit of both, you’ll find it all at Rockdoor.

One notable feature is the ability to design your very own door – right down to the hinges! Rockdoor offer a design feature where you create your dream door, including the handles, letter plates, drip bar, escutcheon (the part of the door your key goes into) and the knocker you want too. You also have the option to add on additional features that may not come as standard with other doors, including mesh reinforcement, numerals, spyholes and night latches. 

Of course, it’s not all about what’s on the outside. Rockdoors are packed full of security features that give you peace of mind. Let’s talk locks – Rockdoor uses solid brass hooks coated in nickel that are in place throughout the whole length of the door. A multipoint lock system is used, so unless you’ve got a key…you’re not getting in!

Want your door to let in lots of natural light? Gone are the days when glass in a front door was indicative of a weaker spot, and thus more able to be exploited by burglars. S-Glaze Technology is used which means that the glass cannot be taken out or forced out either. Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinders are included with Rockdoor products, and as they cannot be broken and won’t collapse when pressure is applied, you know you can trust your Rockdoor to keep you and your possessions safe. 

And for those of you who are very security-minded and want your home as secure as a fortress…why not choose some of the extra measures available? From security chains to extra hooks and laminated glass, Rockdoor has something for everyone. 

We’re proud to be able to supply Rockdoor composite doors to our customers here at Network Doors. If you’re looking for a new front or back door and want value for money, high-quality products and service and doors that are stylish and practical – get in touch with us today.